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Sparkling Reviews

Maker Baker

Dan Baker started out like any other woodworker. Building furniture for his house after over confidently stating to his lovely wife Angela that he could build pieces for less and better than from a big box store. He was wrong.

Luckily his Wife’s Grandfather Vinny who was a long time carpenter and furniture maker, so Dan enlisted Vinny’s help to start building items. They came out great, mostly thanks to Vinny. Under his tutelage he became moderately better than he was before.

As Dan improved so did his passion for building quality furniture with first class design. His skill developed slower and we mean slower than his passion but thankfully for that passion it kept him going until he was the confident and capable craftsman you see today. These days Dan’s passion and love for furniture can be seen in the items he builds.

Dan carries a simple belief that furniture is a part of your life and should be an extension of your home, life, family and style while also lasting a lifetime and maybe longer.